How to secure the load on the semitrailer

When transporting oversized cargo and industrial equipment on a low-bed or high-bed semi-trailer, various dangerous situations arise, and special cargo fasteners are used to avoid overturning or shifting the load on the trawl.

Loading rules and methods of securing cargo

On low loader semi-trailer or a platform during movement, an inertial and gravitational load acts, which depends on the center of gravity of the cargo, its mass and dimensions. When loading the trawl, the technical standards are not always clear and the weight must be calculated taking into account the transverse and longitudinal inertial slip.
So that the load does not move on the platform, it must be securely fixed. Often, to fasten the cargo on a low loader trailer, it is enough to use belts with a loop or direct link. To fasten industrial goods, various equipment, agricultural machinery, you need to use steel chains and cables. For the safety of the transported cargo during acceleration and braking, it is necessary to use cushioning materials that are selected according to the type of cargo, it can be boards or bars. To protect the easily-moving elements of equipment and cargo, you need to use bags.

Hinges and displacement stops

The task would be more difficult to secure the cargo on a low loader platform on which transporting machinery, equipment, or any other heavy cargo. For transportation of wheeled vehicles such as tractors or combines on the trawl manufactured by Trans-Auto-D, there are wheel recesses in the platform. Also for the exact location of oversized cargo such families of trailers as Classic, Jumbo, Mega, TUR equipped with platform extensions.

For fastening oversize it is used:

• chains made of special steel with tensioning mechanisms;
• anti-slip materials for the platform;
• wheel chocks.
• platform expanders;

Proper weight distribution

When loading, the dimensions and weight of each cargo are taken into account, and for each oversized cargo, a complex calculation of the location of the cargo on the platform is needed. It is considered optimal to install the largest weight in front of twin or built axles. Often, when developing a transportation plan, schemes with weight characteristics in height and length are used. The parameters of the number of axles and load capacity are taken into account when selecting a high-loader or low loader platform, when the question is about choosing a trawl.

Places for installing tension chains

Depending on the load force, special universal universal schemes for securing the load on the platform have been developed for fastening chains and belts on a TAD production trawl. When transporting oversized cargo, all trailers are equipped with wheel chocks for the machine and the semi-trailer. Stops hold the “trawl” on uneven terrain or slopes.
When transporting wheeled vehicles, the engine compartment is considered the heaviest part. For the correct location in the area of ​​the rear axles, the rear or front loading of the platform is used. Classic Series trailers are equipped with a detachable front gooseneck. The hydraulic locks on the cylinders allow you to fix the clearance of the front of the trawl in the desired position, which is very convenient when crossing uneven sections of the road and driving under bridges, and lengthening telescopic allows you to correctly position the load and safely transport it to the unloading point.

Transport Safety

Even when the load is properly secured, dangerous situations often arise when speeding and braking abruptly. Therefore, the logisticians are faced with the task of developing a transportation route with a minimum of steep descents and ascents. At sharp bends, loads with a high center of gravity can overturn the platform. You also need to move uniformly along the entire route, and the dangerous places on the route require the skill and experience of the driver, you must pass inclines and turns at minimum speed.

Examples of loading equipment onto TAD trailers

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