The main reasons for failure of trawls

The movement of road trains with oversized loads is recognized as a dangerous method of transportation. That is why special conditions are created for transportation: separate routes are drawn up and certain permits are issued.

Non-standard heavy-duty equipment has a significant cost. A sudden breakdown of the vehicle is a driver’s nightmare, because it threatens the integrity of the precious cargo. Therefore, the semi-trailer must be presented for loading in perfect technical condition.

What parts of a semi-trailer are the most vulnerable?

Taking into account the features of the design and its elements, with which troubles most often occur, it can be argued that the most vulnerable elements of a semi-trailer are the following:

  • axis;
  • pendant;
  • loading mechanisms (apparatus, cranes);
  • braking mechanisms.

Frames made of steel are characterized by wear resistance. However, due to improper operating conditions, cracks may form on the metal. This happens, for example, when the weight of the cargo exceeds the permissible norm.

Common factors of breakdowns

  • Failure of semi-trailers most often occurs precisely because of exceeding the permissible weight of the cargo. Maintenance not carried out on time can cause not only the failure of the trawl, but also a traffic accident.
  • When the painting of exposed metal elements is neglected, they begin to rust, and the overall strength of the structure decreases. The result of unlubricated mechanisms can be a defect due to the constant process of friction. This applies to suspension and brakes. Degradation of the mechanical properties of the material can also negatively affect the reliability of the structure.

What to do if the trawl is broken?

When diagnostics and maintenance are performed, a mechanic can clean clogged hydraulic brake lines, replace brake fluid and brake pads. Most of the companies that use the trawl are not able to handle the repair themselves.

In addition, it is impossible to carry out repairs in conditions unsuitable for this, if cracks are found in the frame or axles, there is a violation of the curvature of the platform, or the brake cylinders are jammed. For major restoration of the structure, it should be delivered to the service center.

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