TAD Boxing Boxing Club

We are actively developing our children’s boxing club TAD Boxing on a patronage basis, more than 15 team trips to tournaments of various levels since the beginning of the year 🥇🥈🥉 places for our little champions💪

Боксерський клуб TAD Boxing

Боксерський клуб TAD Boxing

Боксерський клуб TAD Boxing

Боксерський клуб TAD Boxing


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Trawls with axles of rotary type from TAD

Trawls with axles of rotary type from TAD

TAD specialists pay special attention to the constant improvement of products in general and low-frame semi-trailers in particular. This equipment must meet the strictest quality standards, so a reinforced frame, a reliable air suspension system, an efficient brake system and many other components and units are improved at the earliest opportunity.

New semi-trailers equipped with rotary axles became an actual solution and a demanded novelty in the plant’s products. This innovation has significantly improved the handling of heavy-duty trawls, and has also had a positive effect on a significant increase in the service life of the tractor and wheelsets.

Why rotary axles are better than conventional static wheelsets

The advantages of the new semi-trailers with swivel axles are easy to understand. If we take for example a standard semi-trailer with static wheel pairs and load it to the maximum, then at any entry into the rotation of the wheels will experience very strong loads close to critical values.

The trawl wheels move in a straight line by inertia, while the tractor has already turned. Significant effort must be made to move the wheels of the semi-trailer off this straight path, with the minimum rolling friction of the wheel being converted into the maximum sliding friction of the tire to the right or left.

The greater the weight of the road train, the greater the load not only the wheels themselves, but also the wheel axles, as well as the structural elements of the trawl. In addition, the power plant of the tractor also works at the limit, which ultimately reduces the life of the engine. This is especially evident with frequent turns of small radius.

To avoid such problems as premature wear of tires, wear of the engine, deformation of a design of a trawl, the TransAvtoD company offered the decision with rotary axes which independently turn in the course of movement of the tractor.

The use of trawls with rotary axles significantly reduces fuel consumption and extends the engine life of the power unit. The wheels retain the tread pattern longer, and the beam frame is not deformed when turning any radius.

Structurally, today there are several variations of trawl designs with rotary axes:

  • using bearings;
  • with the use of a steering trapeze of the inseparable type;
  • using self-adjusting pivots controlled by a hydraulic system.

Models of TAD semitrailers with axles of rotary type

Almost all well-known foreign factories produce low-frame semi-trailers with rotary axles of the following types:

  • with steering units (can be mounted on one, three or five axes);
  • with 2-3 beams with a possibility of free turn;
  • with forced rotation of wheels of all axes.

The TAD company in addition offers services of additional equipment with steering mechanisms, and also blocks with the steering units, any existing models of modern semi-trailers and trawls. The buyer has an opportunity to equip the trawl with systems of management of turns of wheel axles which are established on any pairs. Most often, the installation of wheelsets on the model of semi-trailers of the Original series with 7 or 8 axles is ordered.

As a result, you get better trawl handling in the most difficult operating and weather conditions. Reliability and safety of transportation of cargoes of any type is guaranteed. You can pave the route even through narrow city streets and difficult road junctions.

This simplifies the preparation of the optimal transportation route and minimizes delivery time. In addition, unloading processes are simplified and accelerated, as trawl feed becomes possible in any limited area and maneuverability.

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Design improvements: we present the latest hydraulic ladders

Design improvements: we present the latest hydraulic ladders

The latest models of hydraulic ladders have been designed and manufactured especially for the new line of basic semi-trailers of TransAvtoD. If we compare them with their predecessors, we can note such advantages as:

  • minimum weight;
  • ease of use;
  • compactness.

Hydraulic ladders, which have a double folding structure, have become 400 kg lighter than their predecessors. This is a very serious figure, which allows to increase the functionality of semi-trailers.

Note that weight loss did not affect performance: the load capacity of hydraulic ladders of 35 tons is quite “comfortable”. You can easily load agricultural, construction or road machinery on trawls by truck.

Other advantages

Reduced weight is not all that the new design has to offer. Experts note:

  • reduction of height (in the working position the raised ladder is 3,6 meters) that allows to call in easily in shop, hangars and other production rooms);
  • possibility of displacement of ladders – for self-propelled equipment with a different track;
  • reducing the angle of entry, which is now ten degrees;
  • easy and simple dismantling if necessary;
  • simplification of work of the driver or the operator.

Interested in a new offer? Want to know more about our hydraulic ladders? Call the numbers listed on the site and our managers will advise on any issues you are interested in.

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