Why is it worth buying our trailers?

Why exactly TAD?

Service 24/7
High production standards
Availability of spare parts and the possibility of their delivery
Quality components
Introduction of new developments

TAD is a leader in the production of oversized trailers in Ukraine.
Our trailers can have from 2 to 10 axles and up to 120 tons of payload.

The model range consists of several types of equipment: Classic, Jumbo, Mega and Trailer, which in turn have various options for equipment, load capacity and equipment. Our production is focused exclusively on a quality product and long-term conscientious partnership with our customers. Therefore, the equipment we produce will pleasantly surprise you with its quality and reliability.

The strength of our company is that we are an international carrier of oversized cargo. Great practical experience allows us to produce equipment both high-quality and cost-effective for the client. Our product list includes models that are extremely effective for operation in Ukraine, and those that are effective in international transportation. This is due to the fact that they take into account the specifics of our region as much as possible.

Thanks to this approach, combining practical experience in logistics with a continuous process of improving production, we have achieved high standards of quality and economic efficiency for our trailers. In addition to this, in production we use exclusively high-quality materials: metals (S350 – S690), components (BPW, WABCO, JOST, TRIDEC), high-quality welding equipment FRONIUS, in some areas we use semi-robotic welding. The trailers are shot-blasted and painted in a modern spray booth, etc. Well, of course, experienced specialists: welders, craftsmen, engineers who monitor the quality of products at all stages of production. Thanks to this, we provide a 3-year warranty on our trailers.

Why exactly TAD?

With years of experience and specialized software, our best engineers are able to translate innovative and progressive solutions into the production of your semi-trailer.
The design department is constantly looking for new ways to modernize and improve existing semi-trailer models, and fundamentally new semi-trailer models are being designed.
Thanks to this, we can find a solution to any problem. All the customer needs to say is wishes and functional tasks for the technician. Dozens of different turnkey projects and satisfied clients drive us to continuous development.


The best welding specialists and the best welding equipment allow us to perform a variety of high quality tasks. When using high-strength machine-made steel S355, S690, our specialists use special welding technologies for such steel. All semi-trailers, after welding is completed, are checked by special equipment, which eliminates any welding defects.

Anticorrosion treatment

In the course of production, the TAD plant uses the RUST PROTECTION + anti-corrosion treatment complex, which includes shot blasting, welding with a special coating, treating the product with two layers of zinc-based soil, coating with two layers of special paint with increased resistance to mechanical damage. At painting of trawls the unique painting chamber in Ukraine of the kind which allows to paint technique in the most pure and not dusty place, without throwing into an atmosphere of harmful vapors, smoothly and evenly drying a paint and varnish covering Lankvitzer is used.

Anticorrosion treatment

The large production capacity and the availability of special equipment allow us to perform mechanically harvesting work in compliance with high quality standards. All employees undergoing regular training and are approved by certificates and diplomas.


In production we use components from exceptionally the best manufacturers in the world, BPW, SAF, WABCO, TRIDEC, Pewag, Rud, which provide high reliability and quality of our product.

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