Design improvements: we present the latest hydraulic ladders

Design improvements: we present the latest hydraulic ladders

The latest models of hydraulic ladders have been designed and manufactured especially for the new line of basic semi-trailers of TransAvtoD. If we compare them with their predecessors, we can note such advantages as:

  • minimum weight;
  • ease of use;
  • compactness.

Hydraulic ladders, which have a double folding structure, have become 400 kg lighter than their predecessors. This is a very serious figure, which allows to increase the functionality of semi-trailers.

Note that weight loss did not affect performance: the load capacity of hydraulic ladders of 35 tons is quite “comfortable”. You can easily load agricultural, construction or road machinery on trawls by truck.

Other advantages

Reduced weight is not all that the new design has to offer. Experts note:

  • reduction of height (in the working position the raised ladder is 3,6 meters) that allows to call in easily in shop, hangars and other production rooms);
  • possibility of displacement of ladders – for self-propelled equipment with a different track;
  • reducing the angle of entry, which is now ten degrees;
  • easy and simple dismantling if necessary;
  • simplification of work of the driver or the operator.

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