Conditions for receiving state support

Conditions for receiving state support

If you are going to buy semi-trailers, trawls, dump trucks and other agricultural or construction machinery with compensation from the state, you will be interested in the following information. Currently, there are several programs to support private business in accordance with Ukrainian law.

What do you need to remember? How to buy machinery or equipment and at the same time save your own money?

Consider everything in order.

Limiting the amount of state support for one person

Starting in 2021, a new provision of the Tax Code came into force, according to which financial assistance from the state budget in “one hand” is limited. Implied? The state can provide you, as a state entity, with financial support that does not exceed 10,000 times the minimum wage. In other words, all applicants can count on a total amount of compensation of approximately UAH 60 million.

Is it a lot or a little? It should be understood that 60 million is only part of the entire state support project, which provides for several expenditure items. In general, the entire state support project is “estimated” at half a billion hryvnias.

Debts and bankruptcy

Only those businesses that do not have outstanding and outstanding debts, as well as are not in bankruptcy, will be able to receive assistance from the state.

Based on the key sub-items of the state support project, agro-industrial entities will be able to receive financial compensation. These can be legal entities and individuals with different legal form and form of ownership.

In order to be reimbursed for the purchase of machinery, agricultural enterprises or farmers must not be in liquidation. Bankruptcy cases should not be filed against them. In addition, there should be no debts to the state budget of Ukraine (up to 6 months are allowed).

The Deputy Minister notes that the applicants will not receive any certificates and will not provide them to the relevant authorities for state support. All the necessary information about an individual or legal entity is checked at the state level from relevant sources (tax and so on).

There are various situations, including “force majeure”, when the company is forced to “climb” into debt to cover the costs of the same salary. Such cases will not be an exception for any applicant for state aid. If you want to apply for state support, you will have to pay all debts to the state.

Proportionality of state support with a limit of funds in the budget is an important point of the program. What is meant by the concept of proportionality? Suppose four applicants applied for assistance of 400 thousand, but the budget has only 100 thousand hryvnias. In this case, everyone will receive only 25 thousand.

Compensation when buying trawls, semi-trailers, dump trucks

Who will be able to apply for state support? According to the adopted law, it can be a legal or natural person engaged in entrepreneurial activity. The main type of their activity is agriculture, and the applicant can personally engage in production and perform the necessary services for transportation, storage, processing.

The share of manufactured or transported or processed goods must be at least 75% of the total profit. In this case, you must engage in such activities for at least 12 consecutive tax periods (or 12 calendar months).

The amount of compensation

State aid can be 25% of the total cost of equipment. So you can buy a trawl, semi-trailer, dump truck, combine. Tractor or any other equipment. A general list of machinery and equipment involved in the project can be found on the official website of the Ministry of Economy.

Are there any restrictions on the maximum amount of state support?

At present, the amount of compensation may not exceed 10 thousand minimum wages for 12 calendar months. Currently, the maximum amount of state support for the purchase of machinery and equipment is 60 million hryvnias.

What can state support be spent on?

Funds from the budget can be spent on the purchase of new domestic machinery and equipment. The content of the project is to partially compensate the buyer for the purchase of equipment that was manufactured directly in Ukraine.

How to get government support

The main requirements for applicants for compensation:

  • not to be bankrupt;
  • not to be in the liquidation stage;
  • do not have debts and overdue tax payments on the 1st of the month when you expect to receive state support.

To obtain partial compensation for the purchase of a semi-trailer, trawl, dump truck and other domestic equipment, you should study the list of equipment, the purchase of which can count on government support.

We go to the official website of the Ministry of Economy, select the appropriate machinery or equipment, specify the manufacturer or supplier. Then you buy everything you need through an authorized bank.

In the same bank it is necessary to provide some documents, among which:

  • a copy of the payment guarantee or other financial document on payment;
  • the act of acceptance-transfer of the products purchased by you;
  • documents on state registration of a semi-trailer, trawl, dump truck or any other machine (if the equipment must be registered).

The general application form, which allows you to count on state support, may vary. To clarify such issues, please contact the official website of the Ministry of Economy.

Authorized financial institutions, through which payment for machinery and equipment is made, keep a register of individuals and legal entities that have made a purchase. Until the 10th of each month, this information is submitted in digital and paper form to the Ministry of Economy, which provides the appropriate form of the register.

What does the Ministry of Economy do?

After the banks have provided all the necessary information on the registers, the Ministry of Economy:

  • Monthly compiles a list of business entities that expect to receive state support. The list is sent to the State Tax Service, whose representatives check how well a particular applicant meets the accepted criteria. Checks of machinery and equipment are also performed for the fact that they are made and supplied by domestic companies.
  • After receiving information from the State Tax Service, which is received within one week, the list of applicants for state support is usually reduced. Applicants who did not meet the criteria or had debts or went bankrupt cannot receive compensation. A new list of approved people who will receive state support appears on the official website.
  • Every month until the 25th (until the 20th of December), financial compensations are distributed proportionally between financial institutions that have submitted a register of clients to the Ministry of Economy.

The Ministry of Economy takes the funds to compensate the costs of buyers of domestic machinery and equipment from a special account opened with the Treasury. Banks that have received these funds from the Ministry of Economy, within no more than 3 working days, transfer them to the accounts of persons who made the purchase of machinery or equipment.

The amounts of compensation are registered in the register. Within the next 5 working days, the banks notify the Ministry of Economy about the payments made.

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