Mega Trailer Family

Heavy-duty semi-trailer with 3 to 4 axles. Payload of 20 to 50 tonnes. The advantage of this type of semi-trailer is the longest flat loading platform as well excellent ratio of the trailer’s own weight to the weight of the cargo being carried. The relatively high clearance and loading height of the platform from 1100 mm allow to equip a trailer of 3 stepwise telescopic extension. Thanks to which the length of the trailer can be increased to 30 m. This is excellent a solution when there is a need to transport particularly long structures such as bridge beams, pipes, blades of wind generators, etc. Depending on the length of the trailer can be equipped with standard, self-adjusting, forcibly controllable axes of both pin type and axes on rotary circles with remote control. With pneumatic or hydraulic suspension. We use BPW axes in production, JOST, TRIDEC rotary systems

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