Repair of a running gear of semi-trailers

Repair of a running gear of semi-trailers

Semi-trailers, low-frame trawls and platforms, which are designed to transport large and heavy loads, must meet fairly stringent standards and requirements. The key factor is the strength of the frame and the equipment of semi-trailers with all kinds of functional equipment.
The design of any semi-trailer is quite complex. Some mechanisms are actuated by compressed air. These units are part of the pneumatic system, which must be serviced only by qualified specialists.

What is part of a standard pneumatic system

Trans-Auto-D, a well-known manufacturer of low-frame trawls and semi-trailers, uses a pneumatic system from the well-known European plant WABCO to equip it. The pneumatic system includes a compressor unit that supplies compressed air to the preparation system to clean the mixture from all sorts of contaminants and moisture.
Compressed air is required for the operation of such components and mechanisms of the semi-trailer as:

  • air suspension (controlled by the ECAS module);
  • safe assistants consisting of ABS monoblocks and EBS modulators;
  • components of the brake pneumatic system (pneumatic crane, air distributors, valve, etc.);
  • Wheel brake calipers.

Pneumatic assemblies and mechanisms, like any other equipment, require regular maintenance and repair. Breakdowns are the result of natural wear of components and parts that operate at high pressures and under intense loads.


What does maintenance include and what maintenance work needs to be done with semi-trailers? Based on the regulations, standards and requirements of technical regulations, the mechanics of any trucking company must perform the following routine procedures:

  • Check airways for leaks;
  • quality of pipeline connections;
  • measurements of working pressures in the pneumatic system;
  • Check for compressed air, water or oil in the compressed air.
  • compressor testing;
  • Check valves and pneumatic cylinders.

The dehumidifier cartridge must be replaced at least once a year. Before leaving the route, each driver is obliged to check the operation of the pneumatic system – in particular, the operation of the brakes.

Symptoms indicating a pneumatic system failure

For an experienced driver, there is no difficulty in identifying problems with the operation of the tire. The fault may be due to brake pedal failures, oil leaks from the pipes and the compressor. The characteristic whistling of air from damaged highways also indicates a violation of the efficiency and functionality of the pneumatic system.
Chassis repair may include maintenance or complete replacement of elements such as:

  • ECAS electronic module;
  • brake calipers in whole or in part;
  • airways;
  • receivers, pneumatic valves, pneumatic valves and valves;
  • electrical wiring;
  • compressed air cylinders;
  • ABS monoblocks;
  • EBS modulators;
  • brake chambers;
  • Power batteries.

High-quality and professional repair of the pneumatic system, which is performed by TAD specialists, is a guarantee of traffic safety and long-term operation of your vehicle, even with the maximum load of the semi-trailer or trawl.

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