Semi-trailers for transportation of excavators

Any heavy construction equipment, which is equipped with a crawler or wheel drive and is intended for earthworks, must be delivered to construction sites by special semi-trailers – low-frame trawls.
Moving excavators or bulldozers on your own is impractical and not economically justified.
Their speed is too low, fuel consumption when driving independently is too high. In addition, this reduces the engine life of the engine, and the road surface can be significantly damaged.

Transportation of excavators and bulldozers by low-frame trawls

What are the main nuances in the transportation of heavy earthmoving equipment by trawls? First of all, it is necessary to consider non-standard dimensions of the equipment, and also rather serious weight of the excavator or the bulldozer. For example, such wheeled excavators as JCB, “Komatsu”, “Hitachi”, which belong to the category of medium-weight equipment, have an equipped weight of at least 22 tons.

The light class of caterpillar equipment is not so “light” at all: the weight with the hinged equipment makes not less than 24 tons. If we talk about heavy machinery in the class of crawler equipment, individual models of bulldozers and excavators have an operating weight of up to 50 tons or more.

Standard semi-trailers are not suitable for transporting such equipment, so the only alternative is low-frame trawls from TAD. Such platforms are suitable for transporting almost any oversized and heavy machinery and equipment, with certain rules and regulations (speed limits, the use of escort cars, light signals, and so on).

To transport such non-standard goods, it is necessary to consider and create an ideal route that takes into account many factors. Narrow city streets with heavy traffic should be avoided, bridges and overpasses should be checked for compliance with the requirements for maximum weight and height.

Usually, heavy oversized vehicles are transported on low-frame trawls with special police escort. If the equipment has dimensions that exceed the established norms, it is necessary to dismantle buckets, booms and other attachments. They are transported either on the same trawl or on a separate semi-trailer.

Excavators and bulldozers usually drive on low-frame trawls on their own. If necessary, winches and cranes can be used to tighten the equipment.

Trans-Auto-D semi-trailers that can be used

Such equipment for transportation of oversized and heavy loads is selected according to several parameters, including:

  • maximum equipped weight of equipment;
  • length, width and height of the excavator or bulldozer;
  • type of drive (on wheels or on caterpillars).

Heavy-duty wheeled vehicles should be transported on low-frame platforms with a “broken” type frame, which are part of the Classic series manufactured by “TAD”. Such trawls have a low level in the central part of the floor of the platform, which is located near the drive axles. This allows you to stabilize the load, reducing its center of gravity.

If it is necessary to transport tracked equipment that belongs to the class of heavy equipment, it is advisable to use Jumbo series trawls. They have a maximum load capacity, which makes it possible to transport goods equipped with a weight of up to 65 tons.

Note the special design of the platform, which has a loading height of about half a meter. This allows you to use ramps and ladders for self-entry to the trawl of tracked vehicles.

Advantages of using TransAvtoD trawls

The main advantages of transportation platforms include:

  • reliability of a design;
  • high-strength frames;
  • use of structural special steels;
  • high quality of welding works;
  • reasonable price;
  • complete set of trawls with foreign spare parts;
  • the ability to expand the functionality of the equipment with additional options.

You can pick up and buy similar low-frame trawls both in a basic option, and to order an individual complete set. We will listen to your wishes and comments, changing the typical options “for you”.

Please note that TransAvtoD provides technical and service services, offering original spare parts at the most affordable prices.

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