Buy the trawl is sliding

Buy the trawl is sliding

When transporting and moving oversized, heavy and non-standard goods, different types of vehicles and platforms are used.
This is quite normal, as each load has its own characteristics and characteristics, ranging from weight and length and ending with the possibility of self-loading on the platform on its own.

Existing types of cargo platforms are able to meet the demands and needs of any customer, so in the fleet of the well-known company TransAvtoD, which deals with oversized transportation, you will always choose the right option for your cargo.

One such vehicle is розсувний трал – a semi-trailer that has the ability to “self-extend”. If necessary, you can always increase the length of the platform from 20 to 56 meters!

As with other vehicles, this type of trailer is suitable for certain uses and loads:

  • bridge supports;
  • reinforced concrete structures;
  • pipe rolling;
  • wind vanes of generators;
  • rowing shafts of ships and so on.

Loads that are too long for other types of platforms can be conveniently loaded and transported with a similar towed telescopic trailer towed by a tractor.

What is a sliding trawl

The retractable trailer configuration has a special design that has been developed and adapted for the safe transport of ultra-long loads on the roadway. The sliding trawl allows you to efficiently receive loads, the length of which can be a real problem for other platforms.

The mechanism of the trailer of this type may include both front and rear chassis, located in a telescopic connection, where each chassis can be supported by separate wheels and axles assembled. They can be tilted in parallel in a compressed state of the mechanism.


The main components of the trailer are, among others, the power unit, the goose, the wheels, the support device, the electric frame system, the hydraulic suspension, the brake system, the ladder and the hydraulic system. All these elements are vital for the normal operation and functional operation of elongated trailers.

Features of a design

Please note that there are two main types of telescopic trawls:

  • increase in length;
  • increase in width.

Longitudinal-sliding trailers are most in demand, used to transport very long loads, such as tanks, wind turbine blades and so on.

To accept these loads, the trailer is extended in the longitudinal direction. When it does not carry any load, it must be adjusted to the shortest length. However, its application and use must be based on established local laws and driving safety regulations.

The traditional telescopic trailer configuration has a fixed frame and an additional frame that can be connected to a fixed one. The second frame provides sliding contact with the fixed frame to provide the desired longitudinal elongation.

This means that the free frame can be moved relative to the fixed frame in order to lengthen or shorten the trailer. The movable frame is usually located in the rear of the tractor. This free-moving trailer consists of a set of wheels and axles firmly attached to it. Fastening of cargo is rigidly carried out to a motionless frame.

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