Features of maintenance of semi-trailers after the winter period of operation

At the end of the period of intensive operation of the semitrailer, of any category, in the winter period, it needs a complete diagnosis, including checking the functionality of hydraulics, pneumatics and electrical equipment. At the same time, maintenance of high- and low-loader platforms of the Trans-Auto-D production company requires the involvement of auto mechanics of a sufficiently high qualification.

Trawl after winter: what seasonal maintenance work includes

Seasonal maintenance of semitrailers, in addition to the works regulated by TO-1 and TO-2, involves:

  • full inspection for defects. If areas damaged by corrosion are detected, they are cleaned, primed and painted;
  • checking pivots, floors and rotary devices;
  • diagnostics and minor repairs of ramps, sliding mechanisms and retractable expanders;
  • cleaning pipelines by flushing and blowing brake hoses;
  • brake cylinder cleaning;
  • fluid replacement in hydraulics;
  • checking the tightening level of the wheel nuts with a torque wrench, which allows you to control the compliance of the tightening torque with the recommendations of the manufacturer of the equipment;
  • lubrication of axial bearings and hinges on folding ramps, as well as using oil cards, hydraulic lifts and locking mechanisms.

When performing work, it is worth considering the presence of a considerable number of imported components on the trawl, the incorrect prevention of which can lead to the premature failure of expensive units.

Always efficient maintenance and repair

Far from always available equipment and qualifications of specialists of the enterprise operating the semitrailers can ensure their effective maintenance. In this case, you can always use the services provided in Ukraine by the manufacturing company TAD, whose specialists are well acquainted with the designs of low- and high-loader trawls of their own production, and also have constant access to the necessary spare parts. In addition, the company’s service engineers undergo regular training at enterprises that produce imported components and carry out all work on their technological cards, which always provides a high result for servicing equipment.

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