Buy the semitrailer (trawl) for transportations to 30 tons

Buy the semitrailer (trawl) for transportations to 30 tons

Platforms for transportation of goods weighing up to 30 tons manufactured by TransAvtoD can be attributed to a series of light trawls. Such equipment is in constant demand among the company’s customers, thanks to a good combination of affordable price, reliability and low maintenance costs.
Trawls of this type can be used to transport the widest range of goods, including:

  • road and construction machinery;
  • industrial equipment and machines;
  • metal rolling and so on.

Features and technical parameters of trawls up to 30 tons

Semi-trailers have a maximum load capacity of up to 35 tons and are equipped with two or three wheel axles. Net weight depends on the model and modification, being in the range of 7-15 tons. Trawls of this type are equipped with a pneumatic system from Wabco, which allows you to adjust the height of the semi-trailer if necessary.
Manual and automatic ramps and ladders are supplied as an option and are used for arrival of self-propelled special equipment on a platform surface. Arrival angle in the range from 15 ° to 18 °.
Platforms of 30 tons from the TAD company are presented in the following categories:

  • TUR — нmore affordable version of the base trawl, which can be used to transport almost any cargo.
  • Classic — trawls with a low platform that allow you to transport goods of non-standard height.
  • Trailer — low frame semi-trailers that can be used if the customer does not have tractors.

We offer a wide range of semi-trailers with a capacity of 30 tons, which can meet any customer request. Individually we select any necessary additional equipment and a complete set taking into account wishes of the customer and features of the future use of trawls.

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