The quality of the paintwork of TAD vehicles goes to a new level

Trans-Avto-D Company launched the operation of a new spray booth.

The installation of modern equipment makes it possible to ensure constant air exchange in the chamber, the necessary speed and stability of the air flow, the required temperature level, eliminate “dead zones” and perform active drying. In addition, the powerful lighting of the camera prevents the appearance of dark areas and glare, which also contributes to accuracy and high quality painting.
The new complex is located in the immediate vicinity of the chamber, in which shot blasting of the structure and preliminary preparation of its surface for painting are performed. This provides a quick and most efficient performance of paint work.
Качество лакокрасочного покрытия транспортных средств компании ТАД выходит на новый уровень
The equipment used, as well as the surface preparation and painting technology used by TAD, fully complies with the requirements of the leading manufacturers of paints and varnishes used in transport engineering, which many of them have already been able to evaluate. However, more important is the fact that the painting quality of trailers and semi-trailers TAD will meet the high expectations of numerous customers of the company in Ukraine, which it can satisfy.

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