How to choose the right semi-trailer

How to choose the right semi-trailer

Who needs semi-trailers in their daily work professional activities?

As a rule, platforms with low and high frames are used by specialized enterprises that are engaged in oversized and heavy cargo transportation.

Как правильно выбрать полуприцеп

Among the regular customers of the TAD company there are a lot of enterprises, factories and production, whose field of activity relates to such industries as:

  • Agriculture;
  • road construction;
  • industrial and residential construction;
  • energy;
  • shipbuilding and so on.

These buyers simply need low loader trailers and semi-trailers, which are ideal for transporting both oversized equipment and industrial equipment, spare parts, temporary wagons for workers and so on.

Heavy construction and agricultural machinery cannot move under its own power on public roads, so the only way to quickly deliver it to the place of work is low-loader trawls.

The main questions are as follows: how to choose the right semi-trailer or trawl for your needs and requirements, so as not to overpay for unnecessary functionality, for example?

When choosing, you should take into account a number of important points and nuances from the specialists of the TAD company.

Criteria for selecting equipment for transportation

For almost any transport company that is engaged in transportation, the main points in the selection of platforms and trawls remain:

  • Equipment price.

Modern trawls from TransAvtoD are not inferior to well-known foreign counterparts in terms of performance, reliability, quality and functionality. Moreover, their cost is significantly cheaper. A good leader will always prefer to purchase such equipment from a direct manufacturer, because there is no need to pay for the services of intermediaries. At the same time, you can always order non-standard versions, taking into account the peculiarities and specifics of your business.

  • Maximum lifting capacity.

The maximum weight of the transported cargo is determined by the design features of the platform, its dimensions, the materials from which it is made, and the number of axles.

  • Scope of application.

Today, consumer demand for semi-trailers and trailers with reduced axle loads has increased to the maximum. This allows you to get around some of the restrictions by using them on public roads. Long equipment and equipment are best transported on models of the Jumbo series, which can be extended to carry several vehicles, for example.

Among the products of TransAutoD, each customer will always be able to choose the required platform or trawl model at the most affordable cost.

Low frame trawl design and parameters

Experts recommend paying attention to the following parameters that affect the reliability and durability of the equipment:

  • The material from which the frame is made.

The strength of the frame element is ensured by using high quality structural alloys and steels. At the same time, an important point is the quality of the welded work and the absence of defects.

  • Suspension.

Well-known foreign manufacturers of trawls and platforms have not used spring suspension for a long time. Trans-Auto-D products are manufactured only with pneumatic or hydraulic type hydraulics, which guarantees excellent controllability in the most difficult conditions.

  • The quality of the axles, the reliability of the braking and hydraulic systems.

When assembling models of trawls of popular series, Trans-Auto-D uses components from only proven world manufacturers (SAF, Gigant, BPW, Wabco, Tridec, and so on).

In addition, you can always order additional equipment for the purchased trawl or semitrailer, which is necessary for solving certain tasks. It can be:

  • extenders of a retractable type, allowing to expand the platform for the carriage of goods;
  • ramps and ladders for self-propelled vehicles;
  • additional headlights;
  • storage space for repair kits and additional equipment.

Service maintenance

Как правильно выбрать полуприцеп

When operating trawls with low and high frames, attention must be paid to timely maintenance and repairs. The TransAvtoD company has its own service center, which allows it to serve customers, to offer original spare parts at the most affordable prices.

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