Buy the semitrailer (trawl) for transportations to 80 tons

Buy the semitrailer (trawl) for transportations to 80 tons

Semi-trailers with a capacity of 80 tons can be used to solve the widest range of tasks. The main purpose is transportation of heavy and oversized drilling equipment, heavy excavators, asphalt pavers, diesel ship installations, large industrial machines, rectification columns and other cargoes.
Especially for the transportation of such goods, which differ in large size and weight, the company TransAvtoD has developed and offers its customers low-frame trawls from the line of Jumbo semi-trailers.

Working parameters of a low-frame trawl

Among the features and technical characteristics of the semi-trailer of this series are:

  • presence of 7 axles that allows to distribute weight of freight more evenly, without destroying a road surface;
  • the presence of a sliding platform mechanism, which allows, if necessary, to increase the length of the trawl from the standard 11 meters to almost 20 meters;
  • strong frame construction, which is made of special structural steel alloys with high wear resistance;
  • light platform weight;
  • presence of protection against external influence and corrosion (special paint and varnish covering).

Trawls of this series are completed with axes, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, electronic blocks from known foreign manufacturers.

If the trawl is not used to transport cargo, several axles can be raised when it moves – this saves fuel and increases the life of idle wheels.

The trawl with a loading capacity of 80 tons is additionally completed with accessories and equipment necessary for the decision of this or that task. These can be ramps with manual installation or automatic departure, curved geese, allowing self-propelled vehicles to drive on the trawl on their own. With the help of special platform wideners, its floor width can be optionally increased to 320 cm.

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