LOW – BED SEMITRAILER TAD.Classic 24-2 for the transportation of up to 24t

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TAD.Classic 24-2 is a perfect solution for the transportation of oversized agricultural and other types of machines. Thank to the lowering of the main platform the loading height amounts to 35-40 cm which is suitable for the transportation of cargo with big height such as a combine or a sprayer. At the same time the trailer has a nice loading platform and capacity which enables it to transport almost every model of agricultural machines used in Ukraine. During empty ride there is no need for special permits as the dimensions of the trailer do not exceed the ones allowed in Ukraine

Construction of the trailer allows the process of loading/unloading of the harvester and header be fully autonomous as well as without the use of a crane. The trailer is equipped with detachable gooseneck for convenient loading. Hydrolocks on the cylinders fixate the ground clearance of the front part of trailer in the desired position, which is very convenient during driving on uneven parts of road or underpasses. The trailer could be also equipped with the front gooseneck with pneumatic system that allows to detach the front part. In such a way the trailer could cost 5 000 euro less and the function of detaching the front part of the trailer stays.

Trailer is manufactured from high-tensile steel of international and national production with high resilience and durability. Before painting we process the metal with abrasive materials, applying shot blasting and a few layers of grounding and paint. The trailer is equipped with the original complete equipment of such European brands as WABCO, HALDEX and JOST. They are also equipped with anchorage points of 8-10 types of classification and reinforced 12 ton axles suspension. If needed the trailer can be equipped with telescope, hydraulic system and steering system for axles. We are ready to take into consideration all of your wishes concerning trailer manufacture and technical details. Please be also informed that this trailer model is constantly in use by our company throughout Ukraine.

Please contact us if you are interested in buying a semitrailer or a special trailer! We’d be glad to answer your questions.

Technical features:Description

• Length – 18800 m
• Length of lowered platform – 10 000 mm (equipment with telescopic lengthening bar is possible)
• Width – 2550 mm/ 3500 mm (extension)
• Height – from 200 mm till 500 mm, depending on the type of working platform


• 10 700 kg – 12 000 – dead load (depending on the type of working platform)
• 24 000 – loading capacity

Axles and suspension:

• Pneumatic, strengthened semi-elliptical spring
• axles 9-12 t, front fixed axle, rear understeering axle
• Braking system of drum type with ABS, manufacturers: WABCO
• Twin tyre R17.5, R 19.5 or standard R 22.5 according to client’s wish


• Metal pre-treatment with the method of shot- and sandblasting. Two layers of high-quality grounding and two layers of damage-resistant paint of European manufacturers.


• high quality, machine building, import manufacture (Germany), with high features of resilience and durability
• quality control of welds is carried out by magneto-powder method, specialist with appropriate certificate

Basic model is equipped with:

• 9t single fixed axle R22.5/385/55
• Tyre brand – GT, Kormoran
• Working platform of “wide” type or “universal”
• Pneumaticly detachable gooseneck
• High-tensile steel for machine construction

Additional options, not included in standard complete equipment

• Strengthened axles 9-12t, R 19.5, R 22.5, R 17.5, coupling or single axle
• Gooseneck body with board sides
• Additional boxes on the gooseneck
• Gooseneck with autonomic hydraulics
• Detachable gooseneck with hydraulics from the tractor unit
• Extension of the rear platform
• Premium Michelin or Bridgestone types


• Framework has the guarantee of 3 years or 150km of mileage
• The rest of complete equipment according to the terms of manufacturer

Advantages of the trailer:

• Durable time-proven construction, that endures horrible overload on Ukrainian roads
• Quality original complete equipment from the best manufacturers
• Well-designed trailer construction allows problemless transportations of the majority of cargo presented on the market
• Simplicity, commodity and reliability in use
• If needed our specialist provide service support or consultation
• Recommendation about choosing the best equipment for you, based on our great deal of experience
• Possibility for transportation of combines together with the headers 10m in length
• Price! Our price doesn’t differ a great deal from those analogical European trailers, but our machinery is much more adapted to our domestic operating conditions.
• Quality! Our company is one of the biggest transportation companies of oversized cargo in Ukraine. First of all, we implement our experience in the machinery of our own production. Thanks to that we are always on the move, progressing in changes to the construction of trailers according to the demands of market. We are always working on the quality, practicality and reliability.
Please, feel free to contact us, we will be glad to answer your questions.

Types of loading platforms
Gooseneck equipment
Basic gooseneck
Gooseneck with boxes
Gooseneck with boards and boxes
Aluminum collars with additional compartment
Types of detachable goosenecks
Hydraulically detachable gooseneck
Pneumatically detachable gooseneck
Other options
Additional boxes on the rear platform
Metal flooring in the trailer platform
Additional lengthening of gooseneck
Force podrulnaya axis
Autonomous hydraulics of gooseneck

To rotate the model, click on the image

Compensation 25%

To receive compensation, you need to have a bank account with a statutory capital of more than 75% owned by the state of Ukraine

Make a trailer payment at the bank

Submit documents to the bank:

  • a copy of the payment order;
  • an act of reception and transmission of equipment;
  • certificate of state registration of equipment;
  • a certificate, confirmed by the State Fiscal Service, about the absence of arrears for more than six months to the state budget, the Pension Fund of Ukraine, funds of compulsory state social insurance;
  • an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Associations, information that the enterprise is not in the liquidation phase, it has not initiated bankruptcy proceedings, has not been declared bankrupt;
  • consent to the disclosure by the Bank of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of information on agricultural producers, which is a bank secret or contains personal data (in the form established by the Bank);

Compensation is returned after entering the data in the register of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy during the day.

Buying TAD low loaders is even more profitable!

Price for TAD.Classic 24-2
on request
on request

Basic type is equipped with::

  • axles 12 t, R22,5/385/55
  • pneumatically detachable gooseneck (front platform)
  • high tensile engineering steel of domestic production

Options (the price is recommended and can vary):

  • axles 12t, R22.5 R19.5 R17.5
  • body on the front platform
  • autonomous hydraulics, Honda engine
  • autonomous hydraulics with electrical starter
  • hydraulics from the truck
  • premium tyres
  • additional box on gooseneck
  • individual color the customer
  • axis spaced from the axis podrulnoy

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