Our company at VistaInterAgro 2016

At InterAGRO 2016, our Trans-Avto-D company presented three models of low-framed cleaning and cutting technology in its own right, and the following:

  • The TAD.Trailer 18-2 model was fragmented in 2012, both small and large, and the small size and size allow you to collapse without special permissions in Europe; Different types of platforms and additional options allow you to make a turnkey trailer, which will be very useful for many carriers and farmers in our country. Advantages and quality could not be overlooked, and this was clearly visible not only at the exhibition, but also over the years of operation by our company, both in the Ukrainian and European markets for the transportation of oversized goods.
  • TAD.Classic 25-2 is one of the novelties of our company, it is a unique development that has no analogues, is capable of transporting goods weighing up to 25 tons, with important features of the price model you can see a low operating wagon, there’s a double guznek, a small size of the road train transport be-yak sіlskogospodarsku technical technology forever і shvidko. Good reason, having recommended yourself an hour of transporting our technology to our company on the European market, showing the temple a quick start, uniformity and ease of transportation, transportation, and transport.
  • TAD.Classic 24-2 is a novelty among our company’s lineup, developed on the basis of the TAD NPN – 28 trailer. The trailer is perfect for the Ukrainian market of heavy transportation, TAD.Classic 24-2 has an improved frame structure, which allows you to transport heavier ones with reduced weight cargo


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