Buy a semi-trailer (trawl) for transportation up to 50 tons

Buy a semi-trailer (trawl) for transportation up to 50 tons

Platforms and trawls with a carrying capacity of 50 tons are classified as medium semi-trailers. Scope of application – transportation of various goods, equipment for the needs of industry, heavy machinery and special equipment.

Similar vehicles are also used to transport agricultural machinery (combines, tractors, seeders, sprayers, fertilizer carriers). Effective when working with heavy construction and road construction equipment. They are used for the transportation of finished metal structures, elements of bridges, rolled metal and other goods.

Features and technical parameters

Semi-trailers of this class can have a carrying capacity ranging from 45 to 55 tons, depending on the model, equipment and modifications. They have from three to four axles and are equipped with mechanical or pneumatic suspensions. The semi-trailer weighs from 14 to 17 tons.

The TransAvtoD company offers semitrailers of 50 tons in several main categories:

  • Classic is the most affordable option in basic equipment and standard equipment, which can be used for a variety of purposes.
  • Jumbo – semi-trailers with a sliding platform mechanism, which can be increased in length up to 20 meters when it is necessary to transport special cargo.

If necessary, at the request of the customer, we are ready to complete any trawls presented to your attention with additional equipment and equipment. These can be ladders, ramps, tool boxes, platform extenders, and so on.

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