Swivel axis replacement

Replacing axles in a semi-trailer

  • Some Ukrainian companies, not having sufficient experience in operating special trailers, buy equipment in Europe that is equipped with rotary axles. Under our operating conditions, if the total length of the road train does not exceed 22m, there is no immediate need for turning axles.
  • After all, having bought such a trailer, the first thing the owner is faced with is the difficulty in servicing, the inability to correctly adjust the trailer axles, which entails additional fuel consumption and accelerated wear of rubber (in our practice, there was an experience when an inexperienced driver “stabbed” a set of tires for 10 thousand km), although with proper operation they should go 120-150 thousand km, and this is a loss of thousands of euros. But even with proper operation, this suspension system does not withstand the loads of Ukrainian highways and requires, compared with conventional axles, 5-6 times more money for maintenance.
  • For carriers operating their equipment only within the territory of the CIS countries and if your dimensions do not exceed those indicated above, we recommend buying equipment equipped with conventional, or, at most, “steering wheel” axles, but not hydraulically turning, with a pivot system.
    In case you have already encountered the difficulties described above, our company offers the option of upgrading your special equipment by replacing the rotary axles with conventional ones. When replacing, new axles can be used, used with cap. repair, or even yours if they meet the technical requirements.
  • We also carry out a full range of works on connecting new axles to the pneumatic system and the trailer electrical system, we make all the necessary settings so that the brake and other trailer systems work in accordance with the standards. If your rotary axles are in satisfactory condition, we will be able to buy them from you, thereby reducing your costs for upgrading your trailer. If you have any questions, please contact us – we will always be happy to provide additional information.
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