TAD dump truck awning

A tent for a dump truck from TAD, Ukraine is a reliable protection for any cargo.

Cargo transportation by dump trucks is one of the most popular and fastest ways to deliver various goods. Very often for transportation of bulk materials (sand, crushed stone) and other construction products, as well as grain, etc. use dump trucks and semi-rigs. The best way to protect the cargo during transportation is a quality tarpaulin on a dump truck.

The TAD company, Ukraine offers a high-quality and reliable awning covering for any truck.

If you are interested in tents for a dump truck, please call +380671642138, or leave a request at our mail zavod@tad.ua

Why are dump truck covers so popular?

Today, most trucks use tarpaulins for transportation, and there are several reasons for this:

  • Protecting cargo from atmospheric precipitation. So, an awning on a grain truck during long journeys will insure wheat or corn from getting wet during a downpour. The same applies, for example, to cement and many other products that are sensitive to moisture.
  • Preservation of cargo integrity. On bad roads, the car can be thrown up and therefore part of the load may fall out or spill out. In addition, for example, an awning on a semi-lever will protect against theft of cargo during a stop or parking.
  • Ensuring the confidentiality of transported goods. The awning does not give outsiders the opportunity to look inside and study the composition and quantity of goods transported. Sometimes this can prevent theft or other unpleasant situations.
Тент на самосвал от ТАД

TAD dump truck awning

What are the advantages of TAD, Ukraine awnings?

Awning covering TAD, Ukraine has the following characteristics:

  • density 700 g/m2;
  • resistant to temperature changes;
  • awning control is mechanical, to the right side in the direction of travel, an aluminum pipe with a stationary flask is installed to facilitate it.

High-quality, dense and easy-to-use awning from the company TAD, Ukraine will become a reliable defender of any truck. And it will guarantee the integrity of the goods and the safety of transportation for many years.

We produce awnings for semi-trailers according to the customer’s dimensions.

If you are interested in tents for a dump truck, please call +380671642138, or leave a request at our mail zavod@tad.ua

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