Painting of semi-trailers

  • Gaining experience in the production of low loaders, our company is constantly improving the approach at different stages and introducing effective technologies to improve the quality of the finished product. For this purpose experts of our company visit exhibitions and seminars of a different orientation. By purchasing theoretical knowledge, we effectively implement it in our production. We are ready to use all our knowledge and experience to paint any of your products and give it a flawless look. Operating our own fleet of equipment, we faced the problem of its appearance after the winter.
  • After all, salt and gravel ruthlessly destroy the paintwork of machinery. Severe operating conditions, when loading / unloading takes place under adverse conditions or machinery slides on the trawl, especially on caterpillars, also damage the aesthetic appearance of the trailer and car. We are sure that any of the car owners have personally faced the same problems. That is why we have repeatedly asked manufacturers of paints and varnishes to offer us durable materials that will meet our operating conditions. The solution has been found! We currently use materials from leading European manufacturers such as Lankwitzer.
  • In the process of painting a particularly important role is played by the preparation of the surface for the primer and the actual painting. For this purpose, we use the so-called “sandblasting”, where abrasive particles, flying out of the nozzle of the equipment at high speed, clean the metal surface from corrosion, making it “rough”, which improves the adhesion of two-component epoxy primer enamel containing 10% zinc phosphate .
  • This material is intended for protection of steel designs in the most difficult conditions of operation, any climatic zones, and provides resistance to corrosion and attrition even in the conditions of 100% contact. It is important that the thickness of the primer-enamel directly affects the service life, so our staff at each of the two stages of the primer must control the thickness of the applied layer with a special device – a thickness gauge. The same applies to the decorative coating of acrylic-polyurethane paints, which give any product a glossy shine, and this in turn always allows you to set the price of your trawl / car exactly one that would meet your commercial needs, getting the most benefit for your goods. You will be able to choose a paint of any color for your product according to the uniform RAL catalog, and we will provide its existence in the shortest possible time. You can always improve the appearance of your equipment for further use. And also we will always help to prepare your equipment before its sale.
    Our specialists are ready to perform preparatory and painting works of any complexity on the basis of our enterprise.
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