The company “Trans-Auto-D” at Vista Agro 2017 in metro Kiev

At Vista Agro 2017, the yak was held in metro Kyiv, the VDNG complex, from 7 to 10 worms, our Trans-Auto-D company showed its new draws from new technologies in viral trawls. Having briefly described the exhibition, it is possible to understand “Agro 2017”, the most agro-industrial exhibition in Ukraine, and in order to introduce new technologies, innovations that are new to the skin and agricultural sector of Ukraine. For our company, such a presentation of their technology was unique for dialogue with agrarians and great retirees, as well as in Ukraine, as well as in Western Europe.

At their stand, they presented their low-gravity napivprichip (trawl) TAD.Classic 30-3. Talking about the overhaul of the given technology, it is possible to have an indivisible gooseneck, some permissions to start the trawl ahead, an autonomous guiding system based on a Honda motor, an versatile working platform with a length of more than 150 mm and a width of 3500 mm as an agrarian, so the professional re-seller of Ukraine and Europe.

When farbouvanne trawl of Bula, Victoria is one of a kind in Ukraine, a farbuvanny chamber is in place, allowing farbuvati technology in the cleanest and most safe places, not wickedly in the atmosphere of quiet, dry waterways.

Zvaryuvannya and the development of design, with the robot viddilu engineers of our company. We have a wide range of designs, we’ve got practical and practical access to our technology, allowing you to kindly protest the technology until the time of sale and make free delivery to the construction. When you call victorious advanced technology companies Fronius Ukraine.

Pneumatic system, complete and spare parts, such as our spare parts, our company is in low price, procured from our partners, leading manufacturers in Europe, briefly about them, pneumatic WABCO system, complete set. Also, stinks regularly conduct trainings and seminars for our specialists.

The design of the TAD.Classic 30-3 trawl, re-framed by exploitation rocks, in the hard minds of Ukraine, and all the necessary vimogs on exploitation in Ukraine and Europe.

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