Semi-low bed semi-trailer TAD.Jumbo 20-2 for transportation up to 20t

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TAD presents to your attention a new series of Jumbo 20-2 trailers, which have been designed and manufactured taking into account modern realities and requirements concerning the maximum weight of a road train, as well as the permissible load on individual axles.
This series of semi-trailers has a reduced weight, which allows you to transport a larger amount of payload without paying fines and obtaining the appropriate permits. The tractor with the Jumbo 20-2 semi-trailer has a total weight of 24,6 t.
This allows you to perform any transportation of goods as efficiently, productively and profitably. The offered semi-trailers are distinguished not only by the reduced weight, but also by the increased durability that allows to operate the equipment in the most intensive conditions.
This became possible due to the modernization of individual components and the overall design of the frame, as well as the involvement of a new option and materials. The company guarantees: each semi-trailer of this series differs in a high level of safety, and also practicality and functionality.
The new trailers are not only durable and practical, but also have an updated design, which distinguishes them on the road in the flow of traffic. Jumbo low frame semi-trailers from TransAvtoD can be used without restrictions on public roads with any degree of intensity.
They have the increased maneuverability and, thanks to the maximum functionality, can be applied to transportation of the most various freights, among which:

  • road machinery and equipment;
  • construction machinery;
  • industrial equipment;
  • bridge structures;
  • beams;
  • tanks and reservoirs;
  • pipelines and so on.

You can transport on semi-trailers any oversized and heavy loads taking into account technical characteristics of the equipment.


• total length 9700 mm
• width 2550 mm
• height 800 mm


• 4600 kg unladen weight
• 20,000 kg loading capacity

Axles and suspension:

• pneumatic, reinforced trailing arm
• BPW axles 7t R17.5
• brake system of drum, disc type with ABS, manufactured by WABCO


• preliminary cleaning of metal by shot blasting, sand blasting. Two coats of high quality primer and two coats of damage resistant paint from European manufacturers


• high-quality machine-building steel S690, S350 of domestic or foreign production, with high parameters of elasticity and strength
• quality control of welded seams is carried out by the magnetic powder method, by a specialist with the appropriate certificate


• the frame structure is guaranteed for 3 years or 150 t km of run
• for other components according to the obligations of the manufacturers

The advantages of OUR trailer

• durable, time-tested construction that can withstand the terrible overloads of bad Ukrainian roads
• high-quality original components from the best manufacturers
• a well-developed design of the trailer that allows you to easily transport most of the goods that the market offers
• simplicity, convenience and reliability in operation
• if necessary, service support and advice from our specialists
• recommendation of the optimal configuration for YOU based on our extensive experience in the transportation of oversized cargo
• possibility of transporting combines with headers 10 m.
• Cost !!! note that it is much lower than the cost of similar European trailers. Moreover, our equipment is more adapted to domestic operating conditions.
• QUALITY !!! our company is one of the largest carriers of oversized cargo in Ukraine and we first of all embody all our practical experience in the equipment of our production. Thanks to this, we never stay in place, but are constantly improving, making the necessary changes in the design of trailers, as required by the market, as well as improving their quality, practicality and reliability.

Compensation 25%

To receive compensation, you need to have a bank account with a statutory capital of more than 75% owned by the state of Ukraine

Make a trailer payment at the bank

Submit documents to the bank:

  • a copy of the payment order;
  • an act of reception and transmission of equipment;
  • certificate of state registration of equipment;
  • a certificate, confirmed by the State Fiscal Service, about the absence of arrears for more than six months to the state budget, the Pension Fund of Ukraine, funds of compulsory state social insurance;
  • an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Associations, information that the enterprise is not in the liquidation phase, it has not initiated bankruptcy proceedings, has not been declared bankrupt;
  • consent to the disclosure by the Bank of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of information on agricultural producers, which is a bank secret or contains personal data (in the form established by the Bank);

Compensation is returned after entering the data in the register of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy during the day.

Buying TAD low loaders is even more profitable!

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