Pidums for Trans-Auto-D at the AgroExpo 2017, Kropyvnytskyi

At the international agro-industry AgroExpo, our Trans-Auto-D company introduced two new tracks for 2017 rocky, TAD.Classic 24-2, TAD.Classic 30-3, which are most relevant for transportation, as in Ukraine . The exhibition itself is є unique, so as it’s permissible ’not only to bachiti and matzati technology, but to and bachiti in robotics, but because of the geographical position to rob the most accessible of usa regions of Ukraine. the leather reason (trawl) of their unique technical features, with such special offers could be recognized at our stand.
• TAD.Classic 24-2 – the ideal solution for the bestowal of the state, the owners of underestimated ventilation can be transported practically all types of combines, tractors and industrial vehicles, as well as in Ukraine. Vivantazhennya and zavantazhennya technics are absolutely autonomous, for manual navigation, the guznek is possible to verify. When transported in Ukraine by engineers transmitting hydraulic locks, you can allow the regulation of the clearance of the pripepa. And the company has more spare parts for high-speed trailers in the spare parts for such parts as WABCO, HALDEX, BPW and SAF, robbing technology is now over.
• TAD.Classic 30-3 – the most convenient way for professional travelers, because it’s most optimal for them to have a good stay for transportation. The model is fallow in the form of a complete set of pre-installed platforms, you can use a telescope to catch the bajannas of the assistant. Osi can be but yak zvichaynі, so і primusovo kerovanі, and the system vіd’єdnannya guzneka gidravlichna abo pneumatic. Heads of higher construction, major metals and all kinds of complete brands WABCO, HALDEX, BPW and SAF take care of your baggage in terms of operating in Ukraine, show it.

Also, it’s a good idea to take into account the greater number of our members – even know our technology of virobnitz. And with our old partners, who are independent for the next hour, robots, for the most part, are very happy: all the power, the need for more frequent meetings and the opportunity to discuss the future development of modern technology. For us, wait for it to be important to know the thoughts and overtake our partners. One can draw a wisconsin. Necessarily razvivatsya and voskomalyuvatisya, needlessly collapse forward.

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