Semi-lowbed semi-trailer TAD. Jumbo 45-4 for the transportation of up to 45t


TAD.Jumbo 45-4 is a semi low-bed semi-trailer with a medium height of the low bed from 80 to 90 cm. It can also have from three to five axles. Type of axles depends on specification and can be standard, steering or controlled with ABS sensor and tyre pressure. Trailer can also be equipped with telescope lengthening bar. Ramps can be hydraulic, spring and mechanic in different configurations.

Trailer is manufactured from high-tensile steel of international and national production with high resilience and durability. Before painting we process the metal with abrasive materials, applying shot blasting and a few layers of grounding and paint. The trailer is equipped with the original complete equipment of such European brands as WABCO, HALDEX and JOST. They are also equipped with anchorage points of 8-10 types of classification. We are ready to take into consideration all of your wishes concerning trailer manufacture and technical details.

This type of trailer differs in big loading capacity while being of a relatively light weight. It is mainly used for the transportation of heavy-weight machines or constructions with small dimensions and big weight. Big quantity of axles and small dead weight do not exert much pressure on the road surface. Thanks to that carriers do not have to pay a lot for road permits etc.

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