LOW – BED SEMITRAILER TAD.Classic 30-3 for cargo transportation of up to 30 tons


TAD.Classic 30-3 is a good solution for professional carriers of oversized cargo. The trailer has an optimal ratio of price to different types of cargo that the trailer can transport. This model can be equipped with three types of loading platform: wide, universal and “lastochka” (traverse) with the height of 150 mm, width – 3 500 mm and length – 16 m (telescope lengthening and insert pieces). It can be equipped with standard axles as well as forcibly controlled ones (hydraulic). Hydraulically and pneumatically detachable gooseneck makes the loading/ unloading comfortable for self-propelled machines.

Trailer is manufactured from high-tensile steel of international and national production with high resilience and durability. Before painting we process the metal with abrasive materials, applying shot blasting and a few layers of grounding and paint. The trailer is equipped with the original complete equipment of such European brands as BPW, VABCO, HALDEX and JOST. They are also equipped with anchorage points of 8-10 types of classification and specially reinforced 9-12 ton axles suspension.

Construction has been proven by time and bad road conditions of Ukraine. The trailer corresponds with all needed requirements of operation in the EU, partly of German §70 (under condition of installing forcibly controlled axles).

Frame construction has the guarantee of three years.Trailer parts – according to the specifications of manufacturer.

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