Semitrailer TAD. Classic – 25 – 2 is the new design of our company designed for the transportation of oversized cargo in international and domestic traffic. Designing this model we took into consideration specifications and requirements of European and Ukrainian road infrastructure. Thanks to which we got a trailer with perfect technical and operational features.
• Operational weight
Dead weight 6 000 – 7 000 kg (depends on the type of bed), technical loading capacity 25 000 kg. One should agree that taking into consideration that the trailer has the low loading platform with the length of 7,3 m the above mentioned features are of a great result as while transporting the cargo with the weight of 18-20 t the average fuel consumption equals to 31-33 l/ 100 km.
• Front detachable gooseneck
It’s well known, that with the help of this part of trailer, the process of loading and unloading is much more convenient, cheaper and safer.
• Trailer dimensions
Trailer length together with the truck doesn’t exceed 16, 5m, thanks to which it doesn’t need DEKRA permit (Paragraph 70, Germany), that saves the owner 2 000 Euro. In this case one the owner just needs simple European permits.
• Low-bed loading platform
7.3m/ length 0.5/ height 2,5m (3,5m extension) + low rear part 2,5m / length. Such dimensions are perfect for the transportation of combines , tractors, sprayers etc.
• Cost-effectiveness
Trailer is equipped with standard axles, which is very practical for the bad roads of Ukraine. Plus controlled axles are very expensive to service. If desired one can always change the axles for the swiveling or steering ones.
• Price
We are sure you will be surprised by the price we are offering for such low-bed trailer. We are also providing three years or 150 000 km guarantee. Please contact us if you would like to buy a semi-trailer or special trailer for oversized cargo transportation, please contact us and we will be glad to answer your questions!