LOW – BED SEMITRAILER TAD.Classic 50 for transport to 50 t


TAD.Classic 50-4 – Model low loader semitrailer which is well suited for transporting heavy oversized cargo. Drawing on their extensive experience in the field of transportation of oversized cargo, we designed this model to be the most optimal for the transport of various types of oversized cargo. It’s particularly important for transportation companies , who need to perform a variety of orders for oversized loads and difficult to predict what will be the next loading. The trailer has a large cargo area and capacity.

This provides a possibility to carry both heavy-weight 40 tons escavators, as well as properly-sized agricultural combine harvesters, very convenient, because it can carry them with headers to 10 metres in length. Moreover, during empty ride one doesn’t need special permits, as the parameters of the trailer don’t exceed the ones that are allowed in Ukraine. For easy loading trailer is equipped with Detachable front gooseneck. Check valves on the cylinders allow to fix the clearance of the front part of a trawl in position, which is very convenient when crossing uneven sections of the road and driving under bridges. Gooseneck is fitted with comfortable body wit detachable sides. Trailer made of high-strength engineering steel domestic or imported, high resilience and durability standards. Before painting metal processed ABRASIVES, by drobekostruyki, implementing sandblast technique and apply a few layers of paint.

Complete with original components from leading European manufacturers such as WABCO, and JOST. They are also equipped with anchorage points of 8-10 types of classification and 12 tons axle suspension. If needed the trailer can be equipped with telescope. If necessary, the trailer can be fitted with a telescopic extension, We are ready to take into consideration all of your wishes concerning trailer manufacture and technical details. We are ready to consider and take into account your wishes regarding the manufacture of the trailer with the necessary technical features for you.

If you want to buy a trawl with a telescope, trailer or Spetspritsep for transportation of oversized cargo, transportations, we will be happy to answer your questions!!!