Payment for the purchase of Trans-Avto-D technology

By purchasing low loaders TAD.Classic 24-2, TAD.Classic 30-3, returns 25% of the cost of VAT Trailer, by Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine 1 Martha 2017 if needed.

TAD.Classic 24-2

Купить трал полуприцеп для перевозки

TAD.Classic 30-3


For payment needs to have a bank account, Statutory capital is greater 75% owned by the government of Ukraine

Make a payment at the bank of the trailer

Submit to the bank documents:

  • a copy of the payment order;
  • an act of receiving transmission equipment;
  • certificate of state registration of technology;
  • FAQ, confirmed by the State Fiscal Service, the absence of more than six months overdue debts to the state budget, Pension Fund of Ukraine, Fund of obligatory state social insurance;
  • an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, individual entrepreneurs and community groups, information, that the company is not in liquidation, on it is not filed for bankruptcy, declared bankrupt;
  • consent to the disclosure of information about the Bank of Agrarian Policy of agricultural commodity producers, which is the banking secret or personal information comprises (in form, established by the Bank);

Compensation returns after entering data in the register of the Ministry of Agricultural Policy during the day.

Buy low loaders TAD has become even more profitable!