TAD.Classic 25-2

TAD.Classic 25-2 transportation of cargoes in weight up to 25 tons

TAD.Classic 24-2

TAD.Classic 24-2 transportation of cargoes in weight up to 24 tons

TAD.Classic 40-3

TAD.Classic 40-3 transportation of cargoes in weight up to 40 tons

TAD. Trailer 18-2

TAD. Trailer 18-2 transportation of cargoes in weight up to 18 tons

TAD.Jumbo 35-3

TAD.Jumbo 35-3 - for transport to 35 tons

TAD.Mega 40-4

TAD.Mega 40-4 transportation of cargoes in weight up to 40 tons

TAD.Jumbo 45-4

TAD.Jumbo 42-4 transportation of cargoes in weight up to 30 tons

Welcome to our site

We are a transport manufacturing company, specializing in manufacture of special machinery, such as trailers and semi-trailers destined to carry oversized cargo. We began to operate on the Ukrainian market in 2000 as an oversized cargo carrier, together with making the first attempts in manufacturing the trailers of our own production. Before releasing for sale during a period of one or two years our trailers undergo a series of re-equipment and modernization if needed. In such a way we make sure that a client will receive a reliable and safe trailer.

As special equipment, it requires special approach. We make our best in order to meet all needs and requirements of our clients by manufacturing the trailer that could become a right investment for your enterprise both economically and reasonably. We consult our clients on all possible details prior to starting the process. We use only modern welding equipment and certified metals of domestic and import productions. We cooperate exclusively with the producers in order to make sure we will buy complete equipment of high quality, excluding the possibility to come across cheap fake replacement parts. We enjoy what we do, keeping up with the technological progress attending the exhibitions and seminars and try not to miss any possibility to gain experience and collect ideas we could possibly implement in the manufacture.

If you have intentions of buying a trailer, don’t hesitate to contact us, we would be glad to help you, be it order placement or just a consultation.